Aw Shux

Album: Unreleased (2010)

Song: The American Me!

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Aw Shux got it's start in the Southern California Punk Scene during the 90's Punk explosion. After self-releasing "What Do You See?" in 1998 Aw Shux hit the road to promote their DIY album and quickly caught the attention of major labels with the hit "Wanna Be" which sat #1 in Punk sales on After a small line-up change and over-coming some hardships, Aw Shux hit the studio in 2004 to start work on their debut major release for Sonic Wave/UMG titled "Someday, One Day" which was released in May of 2005. The new album saw Aw Shux go in a different musical direction and tackling issues the band had encountered over the years including heartbreak, broken bones, hardships and having to grow-up. Aw Shux spent the next years jumping from venue to venue across the U.S. and saw the addition of the now infamous 'Turk' on shared Vocals and rounded out the line-up to now showcase; Cutter-Vocals/Guitar, Turk-Vocals, Paul Cutter-Bass, Aaron Petersen-Drums. We hope you enjoy the new tunes we are slowly posting and keep the underground alive!!!!